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—   "Rusi is very good."

Colleagues at Pinebrook ReMax

—   "I've known Rusi for over 25 years and he is a fine gentleman"


—   "Rusi gained his ascension through the two singulars of hard work and integrity. He is a self-made man. I am proud that he garners acclaim for his success in life by his own two feet and in his own name.

As a young man, Rusi came to America ready to do right. ... He used the full measure of industry and ingenuity to develop his business in the roughest of times for the real estate industry while he had another full time job ..."

an interested observer

—   Community Leadership Recognition, as read in Suffern, NY, 12/17/06

"It gives me great pleasure to recognize our Rusi Gandhi for his contributions to the well being and growth of WZCC-NY Chapter when WZCC was formed in 2000 one of its objectives was to form Chapters in each of the major Zoroastrian centers in North Webster – such as Chicago, Houston, Toronto & of course New York . Rusi immediately showed interest and he formed an informal group of volunteers to organize WZCC activities. As I have mentioned before at the first couple of meetings we had only 3 – 5 attendees. This did not phase Rusi and with his initiative and persistence the meetings continued to grow and as you can see today 50 is now norm.

Rusi is probably one of the most well connected Zarathusti persons in the NY area. He knows everyone, is invited to every party and locates new Zarathusti continuously. His mantra is Networking, Networking, Networking and he lives by it.

If I get any phone calls after 10pm it is our Rusi, who is still working on WZCC matters. His committee has worked together for the last 6 years with hundreds of calls and thousands of emails.

The growth of any new organization does not just happen and Rusi’s contributions to grow and stabilize the NY Chapter are sincerely appreciated and recorded for posterity. We have a flyer put together by Arshis Pavri which records WZCC-New York Chapter’s road to success, 2000 – 2006.

The name of the game in any organization is continuous improvement and there is nothing like status quo. Rusi has been elected as one of the 15 worldwide Directors of WZCC for the 2007 – 2009 term and of course he will also take on the role of “Advisor” to the NY Chapter. I am sure Rusi will be involved Director taking WZCC to new heights.

Rusi we sincerely thank you for your commitment, your persistence, your ideas and your contributions over the last 6 years to growing an infant NY Chapter to what it is today.

Thanks Again"

a supporter

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